Our people


The Team

We are a team of certified senior professionals and organizational development consultants with a vast and consolidated experience in many industries. We are bonded by our values: synergy, diversity, passion and fun.


I believe in the exponential power of talent, in the inspiration that a different perspective can convey and in the creative possibilities generated by experience.

During my first years in consultancy, I understood I had the talent of managing problems. This has always made me a trustworthy business partner and a proactive colleague, devoted to optimism.

Emotional Insight

I have been aware of my talent since middle school. I very soon realized I deeply perceived the emotions those around me were experiencing and that it was easy for me to connect with them.


I chose to follow one direction: go where the heart takes you. This is exactly what I followed when I collected a series of professional experiences that led me to support others.


In my first experience as managerial consultancy I understood that to have the “Polar Star” in mind, the direction to pursue, is essential to success and to feel fulfilled.