Story Talent

Melania Mecenate

I have been aware of my talent since middle school. I very soon realized I deeply perceived the emotions those around me were experiencing and that it was easy for me to connect with them. When I moved to UK I immediately experienced what it means not to be able to communicate in a different language! One of my first days in school, Mrs. Brennan, my English Literature teacher, because of my difficulty to understand her lecture in English, was in difficulty to! I was overwhelmed by my emotions, by the embarrassment I was feeling in front of the whole class, by the fear of not being able to understand what she was saying … and yet – by looking at my teacher – I felt her emotions, her anxiety in trying to make herself understood, her sorrow for not being able to make me comfortable.

It was actually my understanding her emotions that made me comfortable and allowed me to activate my listening. It made me open up to that situation and accept her emotions. This helped us in finding a solution to our difficulty.

Oggi questo talento, essere emotivamente consapevole delle emozioni degli altri oltre che mie, lo porto con me in ogni relazione personale e professionale e mi da accesso ad informazioni ed insight importantissime.

What do I need emotional insight for? I easily focus and understand other people’s needs and expectations. I am able to build transparent, non-judging and trustful relationships quickly. I build partnerships that lead to extraordinary sharing, co-creation and collaboration.

My professional life

Consultant for culture and organizational development

Leadership & Executive coach, certificato PCC con ICF

Trainer, practitioner & assessor certificato in intelligenza emotiva

Bilingual: Italian and English