Story Talent

Daniele Gregori

During my first years in consultancy, I understood I had the talent of managing problems. Every time I am faced with a problem, I automatically start to sound out all the possible options to solve it or overcome it, with the objective to achieve the results I want. I am a problem solver.

This has always made me a trustworthy business partner and a proactive colleague, devoted to optimism.

I enjoy exploring different possibilities and alternatives and applying lateral thinking. I don’t give up easily.

Often, we don’t get to the solution on the first attempt, however exercising optimism also means learning from mistakes and continue to study to reach the right alternative.

All this is driven by sharing and discussing with others. This, to me, is of great value and enables to generate new ideas and perspectives. This is why I also enjoy working in team.

I am lucky to love my job and I believe that knowing your own talents is key to achieving satisfaction and professional fulfillment.

My professional life

Human Resource Development Consultant and Trainer

Social Media Coach

Learning design
Coach ICF