Story Talent

Luca Erba

I believe in the exponential power of talent, in the inspiration that a different perspective can convey and in the creative possibilities generated by experience.

This is why since 2002 I support, using a polyhedric approach capable of leading to talent and human potential development, people, groups and organizations in their development, growth and change journeys.

I design and lead highly flexible and tailored formats based on effective paradigms and models to leverage on personal potential for leadership development, effective communication, emotional intelligence and motivation.

I facilitate learning of new skills and competences by using active and engaging methodologies that exploit the power of experience such as design thinking, drama, theatre, outdoor training, gaming, storytelling, arts & crafts…

I support people in defining their professional goals, identifying specific, effective and sustainable actions to implement strategies focused to achieve the desired outcomes.

My professional life

Professional Certified Coach ICF

Emotional Intelligence Assessor & Trainer

Neuroscience and management trainer