Story Talent

Davide Penati

I chose to follow one direction: go where the heart takes you.

This is exactly what I followed when I collected a series of professional experiences that led me to support others.

Human Capital is my passion and my curiosity has allowed me to pick up, along the way, people and tools that have enriched me, have allowed me to dedicate myself to human resources through powerful journeys, using fun as a learning moment.

I was probably taking my talent with me all along: opening up to others has allowed me to express it – having fun and getting passionate in everything I do.

Passion lead me to also get certified as Six-Seconds Educator to be able to enter the educational and school world and introduce students to Emotional Intelligence and all its competencies.

My talent brought me to choose professional experiences in contact with people, the mediator experience had fine-tuned by ability to understanding the needs of the other and with Coaching, which I practice since 2012 after my ICF certification, I found a tool that enable self-discovery in the people I work with.

My Six Seconds (international network for the development of Emotional Intelligence) Assessor certification has opened the door to soft skills development, necessary in Organizations.

The fact that I did not want to spend my life in a test lab and needles was clear to me immediately.

My professional life

Transformational Ontological Executive Coach

Facilitator and Trainer

Emotional Intelligence Assessor